Adjustable Blade Reamer

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  • Adjustable Blade Reamers are ideal for reaming or cleaning bores.
  • The Blades of the reamer can be adjusted to protrude to the required size.
  • Single reamer can be used across a range of bore sizes
  • Worn blades can be easily replaced
  • Hardened and Tempered blades available in Carbon Steel or HSS
Adjustable Blade Reamer
Adjustable Blade Reamer

Using an Adjustable Blade Reamer

An adjustable blade reamer is used for reaming or smoothening the walls of pre-drilled bores. The adjustable blades allow reaming through a range of diametrical sizes. It consists of:-

  • a body
  • two nuts
  • and blades

The blades are placed in the grooves of the body and are held firmly between the two nuts. The depth of the grooves and the thickness of the blades decrease gradually from top to bottom. Due to this as the blades are pushed downwards they tend to extrude further out of the reamer's body thus increasing the reaming diameter. Similarly, at the topmost position, the blades of the reamer sit the deepest inside the groove thus minimizing it's reaming diametre. Thus a range of reaming sizes can be achieved by positioning the blades and the nuts appropriately.

Once the required size is achieved, the reamer can be fixed onto an adjustable reamer wrench though its square shank. American size  Industrial code  Shank Diameter (inch) OAL (inch) action
ABR-HV 8/A HV 1/4 to 9/32 3-1/4
ABR-HW 7/A HW 9/32 to 5/16 3-1/2
ABR-HZ 6/A HZ 5/16 to 11/32 4-1/8
ABR-HY 5/A HY 11/32 to 3/8 4-3/8
ABR-H1 4/A H1 3/8 to 13/32 4-3/4
ABR-H2 3/A H2 13/32 to 7/16 5
ABR-H3 2/A H3 7/16 to 15/32 5-1/4
ABR-H4 A H4 15/32 to 17/32 5-1/2
ABR-H5 B H5 17/32 to 19/32 5-3/4
ABR-H6 C H6 19/32 to 21/32 6-1/2
ABR-H7 D H7 21/32 to 23/32 6-3/4
ABR-H8 E H8 23/32 to 25/32 7
ABR-H9 F H9 25/32 to 27/32 7-3/8
ABR-H10 G H10 27/32 to 15/16 8
ABR-H11 H H11 15/16 to 1-1/16 9
ABR-H12 I H12 1-1/16 to 1-3/16 10
ABR-H13 J H13 1-3/16 to 1-11/16 11
ABR-H14 K H14 1-11/32 to 1-1/2 12
ABR-H15 L H15 1-1/2 to 1-13/16 14
ABR-H16 M H16 1-13/16 to 2-7/32 16
ABR-H17 N H17 2-7/32 to 2-3/4 18
ABR-H18 O H18 2-3/4 to 3-11/32 20
ABR000 15/32"-1-1/2"   11pc set of ( ABR04 - ABR14)
ABR00A 15/32"- 1-1/16"   8pc set of ABR04 - ABR11